Thursday, 30 November 2006

Pu Tien Restaurant

A restaurant serving chinese food originating from xinghua, it's right beside the main road, they have valet parking too.
The decor of this place is quite nice and it's always on full house, remember to make reservation before going down, there's always lots of people waiting outside the restaurant for seats. Waiter and watresses are well informed about their dishes, trying asking them about the various dishes, they will be able to tell you what the dishes are, what they contain and how it's cooked, i was very impressed. Here are some of the dishes they have.
Bitter gourd served in thin raw slices to be taken with honey.
Garlic clams.
Deep fried yam coated duck.
Vege fried with salted and century eggs.
Pu tien white lor mee.
Fried mantou with shredded pork.
Stir fried yam cubes in sweet sauce.
Xing hua fried bee hoon.
Squirrel sweet & sour fish.
Mee sua.
Fried prawn roll with sweet sauce.

address: 127 Kitchener Road
contact: 62956358
price: $12-$20 per pax
ambience: 7
taste: 9
service: 8
overall rating: must try, not to be missed


Terry said...

Yo JX, enjoying urself now rite? haha. Anyway i m going Pu Tien tonite. haha. going to try the food again. ENjoy ur trip. Anyway tje comment quite troublesome. Muz register somemore lor

jx said...

Oh .. i forgotten to set annoymous comment ... since register liao .. might as well start a blog??

terry said...

oh ok. I start one lor. U help me edit and post lor. haha. den also can help me study and take exams.. Deal? I treat u pu tien lor. Then going to be ur don noe how many times there le.

jx said...

one treat want so many things... wait long long man!!