Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Ambrosia - The Mediterranean Restaurant

Got to know about this cafe/restaurant from the web and the menu seems quite interesting. A group of us decided to go there to celebrate goldie's birthday. Ambience is very nice, very cosy place with low tables and we get to sit on the floor. dim lighting, quiet, very suitable for a quiet gathering. but when all customers have left, we started to become rowdy cos we assumed the whole place was ours, haha
Food was good, very tasty, quite spicy, just that it doesn't look that presentable, probably because of the colour of the spices and the yogurt, you'll like the food if you like strong taste.
But maybe the kitchen is small, the food was served very slowly, we waited for more than half an hour for the main. It will be fantastic if the service could improve.

They actally have 2 shopfront near each other, we proceeded to the other one for shisha, this on only serves drinks and shisha, no food here, also very cosily decorated, high ceiling, big windows looking at the commericial buildings at beach road and suntec area.
address: 19, Baghdad Street / 25A, Baghdad Street
price: $10-$20 per pax
ambience: 6
taste: 7
service: 4
overall rating: good place for chilling out, good food for strong stomachs

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Anonymous said...

haha... me yuanwei and rose went to this one before... it was really bad!!!! we waited for 1.5 hours..... we didnt like the food, and they served the wrong food... !! BAD BAD BAD!