Friday, 18 April 2008

Ice3 Cafe

A small dessert cafe at serangoon gardens, it's opposite serangoon gardens country club. other than getting ice cream in scoops, they have mudpies, crepes and waffles too. they also serve food, but i have yet to check that out, tried the ice cream, crepes and mudpies.
Interior of the cafe is cool, table with blue light in side, giving the cafe a nice cool feeling, although the place is not big, it's a nice place or a few friends to have a chat over some dessert. ok, here's the dessert we ordered.

A scoop of peanut butter ice cream. peanut butter taste is not too rich, the ice cream is just nice in terms of sweetness. if you like very rich and sweet ice cream, this is not for you.

Oreo mudpie. i like this one. very nice, not as sweet as the mudpies you get elsewhere, finishing up the whole thing won't give you a sugar rush, this is a good item from the menu to be ordered for sharing.

Crepe with chocolate coated sunflower seeds, whipped cream and i forgotten what ice cream.. the crepes are served with your choice of item to be wrapped inside, topping and ice cream. and on tuesdays, crepes are on half price!! don't choose sunflower seeds, it has a yucky oily taste, not fresh at all. the crepe itself isn't fantastic in term of texture and taste. but if you mix with the right side, it might be ok.

Crepe with brownies, peanut, strawberry cheesecake ice cream and caramel. this combi is much better the first one.

Check out their website here. They do have another branch in tampines.

address: 11 Kensington Park Road, Serangoon Garden Estate
contact: 62828126
ambience: 8
taste: 6
service: 6
value for money: 7
overall rating: nice ambience, dessert so so.


shan said...

i've linked u. do link back.

Anonymous said...

been there a couple of times, and i felt that the ice cream was good.
just that when i was there, the service was extremely bad.