Sunday, 19 August 2007

Lotus Thai Restaurant

Recommended by a friend, we went to this small restaurant for dinner at murray terrace, near tanjong pagar. quite a cosy place, cannot take many people because of the limited space.
Crackers will be served before the food and the chili dip is quite interestingly tasty with teh crakers. remember to try it with the dip.

This lemongrass salad was recommended by the staff. it's served warm, and you are supposed to have it with lettuce. it has the usual thai salad taste with a strong frangrant of lemongrass, special because it's warm and it's a mixture of many ingredients.
Deep fried kangkong. i never had kangkong cooked this way, i was staring at it when it was served, and i had to ask what it was. it comes with a gravy which is thick and tasty, like thai curry. may be a little oily but very different and nice.
Pineapple rice. not very special, can get this anywhere. i think plain rice would taste nicer with all the gravy dishes that we ordered.
Beef with basil, not bad, quite tender, but taste wise, also nothing special.
Green curry with chicken, this is really good, thick curry that will go very well with rice.
Omelette with pork. they actually made the omelette crispy on the outside, really fragrant. love this dish too.
Flaming chicken. a whole chicken, fried and then sweet and sour sauce is splashed over it. nothing special except the flaming part in the beginning for a few seconds. normal fried chicken, and normal sweet and sour sauce.

Check out their webpage here, you can see the full menu they have. and if i didn't remember wrongly, uob cardholders have 20% off for dinner.

address: 16 Murray Terrace
contact: 62246416
ambience: 6
taste: 8
service: 7
value for money: 8
overall rating: good food and good price


miss er said...

The fried kangkong was really good! and the thai otah was good too, cos it's served in a coconut and u can taste the fish meat. 2 things that are overated (1) the flaming chicken (2) the thai style steam fish.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I try to call the no. but to no available. Is it the restaurant has closed down?