Friday, 16 February 2007

Ye Lai Xiang Cheng Tng

This stall is located at bedok corner food centre, it's opposite bedok camp, near tanah merah.
I like the cheng tng here because there are lots of ingredients, not like the normal ones you see at normal dessert stalls. but it's on the sweet side, so if you dun fancy sweet stuffs, you might not like it, i have not tried ordering it with less sugar. you might want to try that if you are afraid of it being too sweet for you

address:1 Bedok Road, Bedok Corner Food Centre (Stall 31)
ambience: 3
taste: 7
service: 6
overall rating: 7


liz said...

i just went to bedok not long ago to eat the hokkien mee and cheng tng as well! they're really fabulous!

the cheng tng uncle is super cute and funny! he was joking with us and played a few "pranks" on us quite a few times as we were seated near his stall. lol. definitely gd "service". :P

btw did u try the kang kong cuttlefish beside the cheng tng stall? is it gd?

oh yes, just wanna say i've been reading this blog for quite sum time. got the link from cruz's blog. ;) keep up the good work! :D

jx said...

have not tried the cuttlefish. i dun like to eat cuttlefish, so gotta wait till i'm with friends that eat them before i can post on it... Glad to see your comment... was still wondering if anyone actually go read what i post .. thank you thank you...i will keep it going ..